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Adding a vendor for purchases

All our payments go through our US payment provider FastSpring. This also means that all invoicing and payment related details come directly from the FastSpring company name and details. Therefore this means you will need to add FastSpring as a vendor into your system.
Their details can be found when placing an order or also via their website:
If you are a US business, you can also find their W9 form at the link below:
To place a Purchase Order, visit the Purchase Page on our website:
Then select the Buy Now button at the top:
After that, you can select your country from the top right drop down arrow in order to view estimated pricing in your local currency, based on today's exchange rate.
Select the edition and number you require and click Order Now. On the following page select "Purchase Order" as the payment option and you will be sent a quote/invoice.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 October 2018 12:27:08 PM