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Hardware Encoding with NVIDIA Graphics

When using the Hardware Encoder in Recording, Streaming and MultiCorder, and an NVIDIA graphics card is installed, the following guidelines apply.


All recent GeForce graphics cards support up to 3 simultaneous encodes per machine, regardless of the number of cards installed.
(vMix recommends a single graphics card per machine anyway)
This means if you use Hardware Encoding for the recording, and send out to streams also, this will reach the limit.
The maximum resolution and frame rate is 3840x2160 @ 60p and a GeForce 1080 Ti or higher is recommended when recording 4K.


The Quadro series do not have a simultaneous encoding limit.
The exception is the lower end Quadro cards below the P2000 (M2000 for the older models) in the line up. These cards are limited to 2 just like the GeForce.
As a general rule, each card can handle 1x 3840x2160 @60p. This can be subdivided for HD sources, so 4x 1920x1080 @60p
or 8x 1920x1080 @30p is possible on these cards.
If you expect to be running close to these limits, selecting a card with multiple encoding chips will help provide some headroom against the unexpected.
For example the P5000 and higher have at least 2 onboard encoding chips available.
NVIDIA lists the number of encoding chips and simultaneous encodes per card below:

Last Updated: Saturday, January 9, 2021 12:34:19 PM