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What does the GPU Mem indicator mean in the vMix status bar?

Since version 22, vMix has included a special "GPU Mem" indicator.
This is a value from 0 to 100% and refers to a small amount of cache memory vMix uses to transfer video data from the source to the graphics card.
(For example from a Capture Card to the GPU)


Please note: This cache memory is a fixed size on most NVIDIA cards and is much smaller than the amount of total GPU memory available. NVIDIA cards that support Resizable BAR (Ampere and later) allow you to use much more than the 256MB limit. This feature was added in 2022, so your card may support it.  Find out more information about Resizable BAR here.


The more inputs you have that require real time video transfer, the higher the percentage.
100% means you will start to see performance issues such as high render times and as a result, dropped frames or video stutters.

Performance Tip: If your graphics card has more than 3GB of memory and doesn't have Resizable BAR you can turn on High Input Performance Mode in vMix under Settings -> Performance.
 This will reduce the need for cache memory.

Inputs that impact GPU Mem

These inputs in particular will increase the percentage, reducing the number of these types of inputs will improve performance.
Title (Old titles only, the new GT titles are fully GPU accelerated and therefore do not need to transfer video data)
Video (List uses far less memory, so grouping Video Inputs into a single List is recommended)
Desktop Capture
Image Sequence

Video Call
Video Delay

Last Updated: Thursday, March 21, 2024 10:47:52 AM