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How to change Virtual Set zoom positions (angles) using shortcuts

Each virtual set has 4 configurable camera angles / zoom positions. These are the four
preview windows seen next to the input in vMix.
To change to one of these using shortcuts, follow the steps below:
1. Add a shortcut
2. Select "SelectIndex" as the Function
3. Select the virtual set as the Input
4. Important: ignore the "virtual set zoom" setting as this will not be used for this particular function.
5. In the Value box type in a number from 1-4 where these numbers represent the camera angle positions
in vMix from left to right, top to bottom. (top left = 1, bottom right = 4)
6. Click OK.
Pressing that shortcut will now move the virtual set to that position if it is not there already.

Last Updated: Friday, August 30, 2019 3:33:10 PM