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AMD CPU support in vMix

The latest generation AMD processors (3000 series Ryzen and Threadripper) are now fully supported by vMix.

A budget system with good performance based around the new Ryzen processors can be found below:
We believe the best cost/performance processor in the lineup is currently the 3600X

High end systems

The AMD 3950X should not be considered a replacement for our Obsidian reference PC when working with 4K or a large number of HD inputs.
The reason is the X299 Intel processors have 4 memory channels and a large number of PCI express lanes, while the 3950X only has the same 2 channels and 16 PCI express slots as the other models in the Ryzen lineup.
For an equivalent AMD processor a 3000 series Threadripper such as the 3960X or 3970X would be needed. Both of these models work great with vMix but are substantially more expensive than the Intel 10900X or even the top 10980XE, which is why the Intel is still recommended.

Last Updated: Monday, February 10, 2020 4:44:20 PM