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vMix in the cloud on Amazon EC2 - Quick Overview

vMix can be run on any Windows instance that has a directly attached graphics with display support, this includes instances on cloud services such as Amazon EC2.
The following is an overview of the minimum requirements to set this up.
Note that since many cloud services are shared, there are no guarantees of performance with vMix and we advise thoroughly testing your setup in advance to ensure it is able to meet the demands of your production.
1. Server instance running Windows Server 2019 x64 with at least 4 CPU cores allocated.
2. Directly attached graphics with virtual display support.
This is usually advertised as "NVIDIA Grid" or "NVIDIA Workstation Graphics" support and is critical for vMix to work correctly.
In the case of Amazon EC2, the "G4" or higher instances support this technology.
3. The NVIDIA Grid drivers installed. Amazon EC2 provides instructions on how to download and install these drivers.
Note that normal NVIDIA drivers will not work, and the specialized Grid drivers must be installed.
4. Remote Desktop (RDP) should not be used to login and control vMix.
Instead use a direct screen capture solution such as VNC, TeamViewer or AnyDesk, or for best performance consider the cloud service provided desktop login solution such as Teradici which may be offered for an additional license fee.
5. Ensure the display connected to the graphics card is set as the primary display in Windows and that all other monitors connected to "Microsoft Basic Adapter" or similar are disabled.
NOTE: This is not enabled by default, so you will need to go into Display settings in Windows and usually set monitor 2 as the primary display and set the extended mode to only show on 2.
6. To check that everything is working, run vMix and add a MP4 video file as an input. If the MP4 file displays correctly, then the graphics card is configured correctly, if not the MP4 file will display as blank or not at all, as vMix cannot access the graphics card.

Last Updated: Thursday, April 16, 2020 12:50:50 PM