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Local Network Streaming

vMix supports streaming to multiple users on the same network via WMV Streaming
To setup WMV streaming follow the steps below:
1. Click the cog icon (setup) next to Record at the bottom of the main vMix window
2. Select the WMV Streaming tab
3. We recommend 640x360 as the size (resolution) and 1500000 as the bit rate. You can increase the bitrate and resolution as required.
4. Click OK to save your settings
5. Click the Record button to begin streaming
The stream will now be accessible via Windows Media Player or VLC on the local network by typing in the following URL:
x.x.x.x will need to be replaced with the IP address of the computer running vMix.
As WMV Streaming uses the vMix recording feature, if you want to keep a recording of the stream as well you can use the External output in vMix
and connect it to Microsoft Expression Encoder, a separate free application that can stream the output of vMix in the same way as WMV Streaming
To use Expression Encoder, first setup your External Output settings in vMix Settings and click the External button at the bottom of the main vMix window.
Then in Expression Encode select vMix Video as the video source and vMix Audio as the audio source when setting up your stream.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 July 2015 10:11:34 AM