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vMix Call Direct Connection Mode

Allow only direct peer to peer connections when checked makes sure a call will only connect if it is able to directly (i.e peer to peer without any servers in between).
Direct connections will always have the highest possible quality, and the lowest possible latency.

Technical Overview

vMix Call is based on WebRTC which uses two main connection methods commonly called STUN and TURN:
STUN allows direct connections by determining the public IP address on each side and connecting directly between them using UDP.
Corporate firewalls, 3rd party antivirus and certain network settings can prevent these connections from being established leading to the fallback of TURN as described below.
Turn is a server that allows callers on both ends to connect to it via either UDP or TCP and it will "relay" the data between the two points.
This is used in cases where firewall, antivirus or other network restrictions prevent a connection.
When the Allow only direct peer to peer connections checkbox is enabled, STUN is used exclusively with no fallback to the TURN server.
This is useful for diagnosing firewall or network restrictions, as you can check the box and check to see if the call connects or not directly.

Last Updated: Monday, March 30, 2020 5:35:45 PM