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Diagnosing SRT Connections

There are two main connection types in SRT, each with different network requirements that may suit some networks and not others.
The following goes over some common troubleshooting steps for each type:
1. For this to work, the Listener must be configured on a specific port not used by anything else (we recommend something between 5000 and 10000), and that port must be setup to be "port forwarded" over the UDP protocol on the modem/route used for the internet connection.
See your modem/router instructions for help in setting up UDP port forwarding.
2. Check for the "Public IP Address" of the modem/router. The easiest way is to search google for "What is my IP Address" on the computer running vMix
and noting this down.
3. Finally use the Caller SRT connection type on the other end entering in the IP address from step 2 and port from step 2.
4. If the connection is not successful, the port forwarding may not be configured correctly, double check the modem/router settings and make sure it is set to use one port and configured to use UDP.
Note these steps will not work if testing on a local network. Rendezvous should only be used for remote connections.
1. Note down the Public IP address on both ends. 
2. Select the same port on both ends that is between 5000 and 10000 and is not being used by another other application or connection. Ports higher than 10000 are often blocked and/or not routed correctly by modem/routers.
3. Enter in the IP address of the other end in the settings and the specific port chosen. The port must be the same on both ends of a particular connection. If you are setting
up multiple links, each link needs its own unique port that is set the same on both sides.
4. If this setup does not work then you will need to first try a different port and failing that try Caller/Listener as Rendezvous may not work on many connections for a number of reasons.
(Especially those with double NAT, which is commonly used by mobile network providers and some VPNs)

Last Updated: Friday, April 17, 2020 6:42:52 PM