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vMix Call Security

vMix Call utilises end to end encryption using the standardised WebRTC protocol.
This means that all audio and video from the guest to the user is always encrypted and can't be intercepted or read by anyone (including us) under any circumstance.
Audio and Video is also never stored on our servers, encrypted or otherwise.
More details on WebRTC below:
The vMix Call website temporarily holds the following data in order to facilitate the connection process:
1. The IP address, port number and video/audio codec details of vMix and the guests. (known as the "Session Description Protocol")
2. The name the guest entered in the vMixCall.com login page
3. Any chat messages exchanged during the call session.
All of the above data is transferred securely via HTTPS between vMix, the guests and the vMixCall web site and is deleted after a maximum of 72 hours.

Last Updated: Saturday, May 23, 2020 1:18:55 AM