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Quota exceeded error when connecting to YouTube with vMix or vMix Social.

When streaming to YouTube Live Stream Now or connecting to chat messages using vMix Social you may receive an error about exceeding a quota.
This is due to a Google imposed quota limit on all users streaming and/or using the social features in vMix.
Due to a large increase in users streaming in April 2020, this quota message may occur between the hours of 10PM and 12AM US Pacific Time.
We advise streaming outside of these times where possible to avoid this error.
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to resolve the error during 10PM and 12AM US Pacific Time at this time.
If you are not using vMix Social with YouTube, consider using the YouTube Live destination in vMix instead which does not require a login
and can be used by simply copying and pasting the stream key found on the YouTube web site.
See below for more information:

Last Updated: Monday, April 27, 2020 9:06:07 PM