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Troubleshooting ASIO errors

An error similar to the following may be received when attempting to use an ASIO driver with vMix:
This error is reported from the ASIO device itself, and can mean one of the following:
1. The device is malfunctioning
Try a different USB port or see if there are updates available via the manufacturer's web site.
2. The device is in use in another application.
ASIO drivers can only be used in one application at a time.
3. The audio on the device is in use by Windows

ASIO is "exclusive" which means no other application can use the device, including Windows.
Check to make sure the device is not set as the default playback or recording device in Windows sound settings.
Further to the above, make sure if using the device for audio output in vMix as well that you select the ASIO driver in Settings -> Audio Outputs
if you select the non-ASIO driver, this may prevent the ASIO driver from working.

Last Updated: Thursday, September 10, 2020 6:13:18 PM