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How to run NDI Analysis

The free NDI Analysis app is useful for diagnosing timing and other issues with NDI sources, to setup a test do the following:
1. Download and install NDI Analysis from the following link: https://ndi.video/tools/ndi-analysis/
2. From the start menu search and run Studio Monitor
3. Connect to the NDI source in question and note the full name of it in the title bar (for example MYSOURCE (SourceName))
4. Close Studio Monitor and run NDI Analysis from the start menu.
3. This will open up a command prompt.
4. Type in the following, note the source name entered should be that as noted above in Step 3.
NDIAnalysis.exe /source:"MYSOURCE (SourceName)"
5. Run for a few minutes and then press Ctrl+C on keyboard to end.
6. Note the last few Video recv (ms) times. The min avg and max times should be close to the frame rate of the source, i.e 33 for 30fps, 16 for 60fps etc.

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 15, 2023 9:40:38 AM