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Faulty Encoder Isolation Mode (FEIM) for NDI

vMix 24 and higher supports a new mode called "FEIM", short for Faulty Encoder Isolation Mode that can be enabled for
problematic NDI inputs and for NDI troubleshooting.
When adding an NDI source via Add Input -> NDI you will see a checkbox at the bottom titled FEIM.
This runs the NDI input in a completely separate application on the computer, running in the background, so that any crashes caused by a faulty NDI source will not impact the rest of the vMix production.
This mode uses much more CPU and memory resources which is why it is not enabled by default, but is handy for single inputs that are known to cause issues, or for diagnosing if a particular input is faulty.
To confirm an input is faulty, once enabling the mode, wait a while until the issue usually occurs then check the logs found in Documents\vMixStorage\logs on the computer. These logs will report every time the separate FEIM application crashes and which source triggered it.
Once a faulty source is found, contact the manufacturer for a fix.

Last Updated: Sunday, April 4, 2021 5:05:05 PM