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Why is the latency of ASIO sources high in vMix?

You may notice when using ASIO sources (or other audio sources) in vMix that there is a a higher buffer / latency (typically between 10-20ms) compared to what is normally available in other audio software (DAW).
This is by design. Processing video sources on a computer is very resource intensive and increases overall system latency, therefore it is not possible to reliably process audio without using a decent buffer size also.
Even if it were possible, the audio would end up being far earlier than the video which would not be suitable for sync in the recording or stream.
Monitoring audio in vMix, such as your own microphone will result in a delay being heard which can be disorienting. 
To avoid this, when adding the ASIO audio input to vMix tick the box to mute in headphones, so you do not hear yourself on delay.
If you still need to monitor your audio level from time to time you can click the S (Solo) button to turn it on on your headphones briefly as needed.

Last Updated: Thursday, May 13, 2021 12:34:44 PM