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Error binding to SRT socket error

If you have an active SRT Listener input in vMix then attempt to reset or re-add it again, you may encounter the following error:
Error binding to SRT socket
This error may occur if you are also live streaming in vMix at the same time. Due to limitations in how streaming works, it is not possible to reset a SRT Listener input while streaming is running. This is due to the port being reserved for the duration that the stream is running.
If you do need to keep the stream running then ideally, set the other side to listener mode instead which will solve the problem. Otherwise if streaming needs to continue and the SRT input must remain as listener, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done until the stream is stopped.
If you encounter this error when you don't have an active live stream running, then this error would be a different issue. If that is the case, please contact vMix Support.

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 1:16:03 PM