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What is Use GPU Acceleration in vMix Desktop Capture?

vMix Desktop Capture has an option in settings called Use GPU Acceleration.
This is ticked by default and is recommended to be left on in most situations.
It is the most efficient, least resource intensive way to capture the screen, and is the only way to capture
fullscreen games in most situations.
For the technically minded out there, it uses a Windows technology called "DXGI Desktop Duplication API".
In some rare cases, particularly with old graphics cards and systems, it may not work as expected and lead to issues
like seemingly "stuck" or frozen frames, even though the display is updating fine.
This option can be disabled on those systems, but will use more system resources as a result and will not be able to capture games.
However, if the system is relatively modern, running the latest Windows 10 and has a graphics card from the past decade, then it is likely to work just fine.

Last Updated: Tuesday, September 14, 2021 5:35:21 PM