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Are ATEM Mini devices compatible with vMix?

Yes the ATEM Mini is supported by vMix. But here are a number of important things to consider:

1) Supports only a single mixed output into vMix


If you have a low-powered PC or do not own a multi-camera capture card, then the ATEM Mini offers a way to handle up to 4 cameras outside of vMix. The ATEM Mini range are switching devices that can only output 1 feed at a time. So when connecting to vMix you will not be able to add each camera individually or see a preview of each camera. If you are instead looking for a way to switch multiple cameras individually within vMix, then using a multi-input capture card is recommended. For that, please see our Supported Video Capture Hardware page:
Take note of those that support multiple inputs under the Inputs column.

2) Has some known USB compatibility issues with some systems

The ATEM Mini outputs one feed to your PC via USB or HDMI. Unfortunately some systems are not compatible with the USB output this device sends to the PC. As a result, the video feed will appear to "glitch" periodically in vMix. It is important to note that this is a hardware issue with the device and not vMix. If this occurs, then an alternative is to instead connect the HDMI output on the ATEM Mini to a HDMI capture card/device from our supported hardware list. This will then avoid the USB compatibility issue and send a successful video output into vMix.

3) Sync Issues

The ATEM Mini devices can exhibit some Audio sync issues when being used over USB. This might be consistent and require an Audio Delay or Video Delay setting to be applied in vMix. But in some cases might fluctuate making it hard to control. For better quality control over audio/video sync, we recommend using a PCIe video capture card instead:

You can also see our demo video of the ATEM Mini being used with vMix below:

Last Updated: Thursday, May 26, 2022 10:46:59 AM