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Unable to activate a vMix licence key

Here are some common reasons why you may have trouble activating vMix, and the solutions for each: 

  1. Your vMix licence key has been activated too many times in the past. This can be easily fixed by managing old activations from your vMix Account. Here are the steps:

    i. Log into your vMix Account with your registration key (or username and password if you have set this up): https://account.vmix.com/login.aspx

    ii. Scroll down to the 'Activate' section and deactivate all activations here.

    iii. Once completed, enter your vMix Registration Key into the computer's vMix installation to activate.

    Here's a short YouTube video on how to do this:

  2. The licence key you are trying to activate vMix with may be too old for the latest version of vMix. When purchasing a lifetime licence of vMix, you receive 12 months of access to the very latest edition. After this you can either continue using the version of vMix that your licence key has access to, or you can purchase an update that will give you access to the latest edition of vMix for the next 12 months.

    To download the version of vMix that you have access to, simply enter your licence key here:

    To update your licence key so that you have access to the latest version of vMix, simply enter your licence key here for options and pricing: 

  3. You may have upgraded your licence to a new key, which deletes the old key. When you upgrade your key, (upgrading from vMix HD to vMix 4K for example), your original key is deleted and replaced with a new key. Your new key will have been emailed to you when upgrading.

  4. vMix may be unable to validate the licence key online. vMix requires an active connection to the internet to validate your licence key and assign it to your computer. Computers with restricted internet connections may be unable to activate vMix.

Last Updated: Monday, January 23, 2023 5:51:23 PM