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What system did you use for the demonstration video?

Our vMix demonstration video can be found on YouTube below:
We used the following setup:
1. Lenovo S430 with Thunderbolt port
The laptop is no longer available, but there are a few Thunderbolt capable laptops to listed at
A laptop with a good graphics card is recommended, the Thunderbolt enabled ASUS ROG laptops are a good choice.
2. Sonnet Echo Express Thunderbolt Enclosure

This is the silver box next to the laptop
3. OspreyVideo 845e Capture Card
Magewell PCI Express cards also work great in a thunderbolt enclosure.
See below:
How this setup works:
1. The Capture Card is installed inside the Sonnet Echo Express enclosure
2. The Sonnet Echo Express enclosure is connected to the Laptop.
3. The Laptop is booted up and vMix is started. (Make sure the laptop is switched off when plugging / unplugging the thunderbolt enclosure)

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