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Using vMix output in Google Hangouts

EDIT: Google has announced it is discontinuing Google Hangouts. If you are using the new Google Meet, then as this is browser based, please see the below guide on how to send video/audio from vMix to Google Meet:


Note: This guide applies to vMix 13 or higher
Follow the steps below to begin using the video output in vMix within Google Hangouts
Before starting, make sure Google Chrome is completed closed.
1. Open up vMix and click Settings from the top right
2. Select the Performance tab. Then tick the Show Advanced Settings checkbox down the bottom. From the Output Format dropdown menu, select YUY2.
3. Next, select the External Output tab and make sure the vMix Video / Streaming checkbox is ticked and Output Size is 1280x720 or lower and click OK.
4. At the bottom of vMix click the External button
5. Open up Google Chrome, go to Google Hangouts and start a video hangout
6. From the top toolbar click the Cog or Gear icon.
7. Select vMix Video as the video option and a microphone or other audio device as the audio.
If you would like to send the audio from vMix, then please see the following knowledge base article on how to configure a virtual audio output from vMix using VB-Cable:
8. Video from vMix should now be showing.

Last Updated: Monday, February 7, 2022 9:23:53 AM