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Do I need to pay a subscription to use vMix?

Purchasing vMix is a one time payment only. There is no subscription. Once you purchase a vMix Registration Key it can be used indefinitely and does not expire.
Your purchase also comes with one year worth of free version updates. For example, if you purchased vMix in September, you would be able to update vMix to any newly released versions until September the following year absolutely free! After the one year free update period has ended, if you wish to update to a newly released version, you can purchase a very small upgrade fee. This purchase also extends another 12 months worth of free version updates. Otherwise, you don't have to purchase an upgrade and can continue using vMix up to the version you have activated to indefinitely.
To see if your vMix registration key is eligible for a Free Version Update, see the following knowledge base article link:

Last Updated: Monday, 23 July 2018 2:59:55 PM