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Do I need to pay a subscription to use vMix?

vMix is available as two different purchasing options. These include either a Lifetime License option or a Subscription License option.

Lifetime License

This license is a once off payment to purchase one of four available editions of the software. This includes:
  • vMix Basic HD
  • vMix HD
  • vMix 4K
  • vMix Pro
These include 12 months of free version updates from the date of purchase. After the one year free update period has ended, if you wish to update to a newly released version, you can purchase a very small upgrade fee. This upgrade fee will extend your license with another 12 months worth of free version updates. Otherwise, you don't have to purchase an upgrade and can continue using vMix up to the version you have activated to indefinitely.
To see if your vMix registration key is eligible for a Free Version Update, see the following knowledge base article link:
For pricing and a full list of what each edition supports and includes, please see our vMix Software Comparison Table at the below link:

Subscription License

A monthly subscription license is also available called vMix Max. This is equivalent to the vMix Pro edition in all its features. vMix Max is charged as a monthly fee.
For a full list of inclusions and features, please see our vMix Software Comparison Table at the below link:
NOTE: Please make sure you download vMix and try the Fully Functional 60 Day Trial before purchasing a subscription.
Download Free 60 Day Trial

Common Questions

1. How do I purchase a subscription?
Please visit the below Purchase URL, click the Purchase vMix Software button and select the option for vMix Max
2. How will I be charged?
All payments are charged in US Dollars. Payments go through our payment provider 2Checkout. If you choose the checkbox for "Enable auto-renewal for this order", your payment details will be stored securely and charged automatically on a monthly basis. This occurs on the monthly anniversary date of your initial purchase. Alternatively you can choose to pay manually each month to month of your choosing.
3. How do I cancel my subscription?
If you have auto-renewals enabled, you can choose to cancel your subscription or auto-renewals at any time. If you cancel before the time you have paid up to, you can still continue to use vMix Max up until its paid billing date. Pro-rata refunds are however not possible.
To cancel your subscription, please login to your 2Checkout Account at the below link:
Then select the My Products tab. From here you can click the link to "Stop automatic subscription renewal".

Last Updated: Tuesday, June 29, 2021 3:15:20 PM