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Does vMix support scheduling?

vMix is primarily designed for live streaming single events and as such does not support time of day scheduling
That is, vMix does not provide the functionality to broadcast 24/7 television programming schedule.
vMix does however provide a couple of features that may be useful for basic 24/7 streaming where videos do not need to play at specific times:


PlayList can be used to provide basic automation of inputs in vMix, for example you could add three video inputs
and use the playlist to play these back to back on a constant loop.


List can be used to create load a list of videos as a single input in vMix.
These videos can then be played back to back and in a loop. A randomize feature is also available.
List has the advantage of not requiring all the videos to be loaded at once, which can consume system resources.
It can also be used within a standard PlayList to create more advanced playback scenarios.

3rd Party Software such as "vMix Scheduler"

There is an open source project called "vMix Scheduler" that attempts to provide full scheduling capabilities to vMix.
However, it is no longer being maintained and it is uncertain if it still works with current versions of vMix.
NOTE: We cannot provide any support whatsoever for 3rd party software including the "vMix Scheduler" program.

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 20, 2021 10:55:32 AM