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Adding graphics and logos to an existing Virtual Set

With most Virtual Sets in vMix it is easy to add your own logos that will automatically zoom with the rest of the set.
1. Add the virtual set to vMix
2. Add the graphic you would like to use as a separate image input.
3. Under the Virtual Set input, click the cog icon to open Input Settings
4. Select the MultiView tab and from the number 5 dropdown select your graphic
5. From the preview below this graphic can me moved into position and you can hold down the shift key to change the size.
Note: there may be some virtual sets that use all 5 layers for other elements in the scene, in these cases the graphics may need to be physically added to a layer in Photoshop by editing the graphics in the virtual sets folder on your computer. 

Last Updated: Monday, January 25, 2016 2:45:27 PM