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vMix streaming to YouTube Live

If you don't already have a YouTube account you can sign up via the YouTube website
How to use YouTube Live directly from vMix! 
1. Log into your YouTube account and go to the top right, click on your icon and then click Creator Studio.
vMix Youtube Streaming
2. Then on the left hand side select Live Streaming and go to Stream now [BETA].
Youtube stream now BETA vMix
3. Fill out the Basic Info, Stream Options and any options you want for your stream.
vMix Youtube Stream
4. Under Encoder Setup, Click Reveal to display the Stream name/key. Copy this, so you can paste it into vMix.
vMix Youtube encoder setup
5. Open up the Stream window in vMix and select YouTube Live from the Destination drop-down menu.
6. Then enter your Stream Name/Key into the Stream Key section. 
Settings youtube vMix
7. Click Save and Close to save your YouTube Stream settings
8. To begin the stream click the Stream button in your vMix window or open the Stream window and click Start to begin sending the stream to YouTube Live.
You're now ready to stream to YouTube!

Last Updated: Friday, 8 April 2016 4:05:53 PM