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Adding Skype calls to vMix with return video and audio

Using vMix and NDI it is possible to bring in a Skype caller from another PC or Laptop and also send them a return video and audio feed. If you haven't already, check out our YouTube video-


1. Separate laptop or PC running Windows, Skype, vMix Desktop Capture and vMix Basic HD or higher
2. Main PC running vMix for your production
3. Both computers should be connected to a Gigabit Ethernet network. If no other NDI sources will be used, a Wireless or 100Mbit network should be ok.


vMix Skype Setup Workflow

Step By Step

1. Skype PC
a) Install VB audio cable or Virtual Audio Cable. VB audio cable is free.
b) Install and run vMix 17 or higher
c) In Settings -> Audio Outputs set the Master Output to go to the virtual audio cable
d) In the Audio Mixer turn the headphones control completely off by dragging it down with the mouse
e) Turn on External Output
f) Run vMix Desktop Capture
g) In Skype set Video to vMix Video and audio to VB audio cable
Skype Webcam Setup
Skype Audio Setup
h) Skype will now send whatever is in vMix back to the Skype caller which we can use as the return feed
vMix can be minimised on the Skype system once setup, it just acts as a bridge from NDI to Skype
1. Main vMix PC
Install vMix 17 or later and configure the following settings:
a) Settings -> External Output: Tick the Audio Outputs and Recording / External / Output options for NDI, these are what we will sent to the Skype computer.
b) Settings -> Audio Outputs: Set the "A" bus to "Enabled" or "NDI" to enable it
3. Connecting both PCs together
Skype PC:

1. Go to Add Input -> NDI and add the "vMix Output" source from the Main vMix PC
2. From the Audio Mixer in vMix drag the volume fader for this input down to 0 to mute it
3. Go to Add Input -> NDI and add the "vMix Audio - A" from the Main vMix PC
4. Make sure the audio for this input is on by checking the Audio button is green
Main vMix PC:
1. Go to Add Input -> NDI and add the "Display 1" input from the Skype PC vMix Desktop Capture
2. From the Audio Mixer, turn on the "A" button for all audio sources you wish to send back to the caller, this should be all audio sources except for the "Display 1" input you just added.
After completing all the steps above you will now have a Skype call in vMix with full return feed capabilities for the caller.
You may also want to Crop or Zoom In the Display 1 input in vMix to remove some of the Skype elements that may appear on screen. 
This can be done by double clicking the Input in vMix and going to the Position tab

Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 November 2016 5:40:55 AM