vMix 14 February 2019

Get graphic with vMix 22!

vMix 22 has literally redesigned the future of live production and broadcast graphics with vMix GT. This all-new graphics engine has been built from the ground up for vMix 22 and allows for easy to use, high performance, GPU generated, on-prem graphics. Gone are the days of needing a separate graphics machine and a 4 year university degree to operate it!

The new vMix GT Title Designer allows anyone to create eye-catching broadcast graphics that will send live video productions to the next level. The easy to use Title Designer can build animated lower thirds, scoreboards, tickers, data-driven content and anything else you might need for live production graphic assets!

 “Our goal in this update was to eliminate the steep learning curve associated with traditional broadcast graphics systems “, says Martin Sinclair, vMix CEO. “With vMix 22 we have enabled productions of all shapes and sizes to use professional animated titles without the need for dedicated hardware or operator”.

Recording every element of a production has become increasingly important for post-production and archival. vMix 22 can now create ISO recordings of even more production inputs, including Video Calls and 4 independent outputs.

Impress your friends with a multi-cam production but only use a single camera! The Virtual PTZ function for vMix 22 sets Pan, Tilt and Zoom functionality for your inputs. Easily create multiple angles from 1 camera and transition between them for a professional look and feel.

vMix 22 also includes a number of other tools and features including:

·         Live Pause for Cameras, NDI and Desktop Capture Inputs

·         New high performance video codec- vMix Video Codec

·         100 new animated title templates

·         Fully integrated Elgato Stream Deck Support

vMix 22 is available now from www.vmix.com, with a free fully functional 60 day trial.

For more information about vMix 22, see our blog-  https://blog.vmix.com/vmix22-download/