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Moving vMix settings between computers

If you need to move all settings and inputs from one computer running vMix to another, follow the steps below:
1. Make sure all videos, images, graphics and other file sources are all located in the same folders on the new computer, otherwise vMix will be unable to find them.
2. Save the preset from the old computer and move that file to the new computer.
3. Go to Settings in vMix on the old import and click Export and save that file and move it to the new computer.
4. On the new PC first go to Settings and click Import and import the file saved in step 3.
5. On the new PC load the preset saved in step 2. It may prompt to find files it can't locate, so be sure to select the correct files here.

Last Updated: Tuesday, September 22, 2020 12:50:37 PM