vMix 07 April 2016

vMix Adopts NewTek NDI for IP Production Workflow

Thursday, 7th April 2016 – StudioCoast PTY LTD, makers of live production software vMix, today announced its adoption of NewTek’s open Network Device Interface (NDI™) standard for IP-based production workflows for its latest release, vMix 17.  With NDI enabled, vMix will be recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled devices and applications connected to a standard Ethernet local area network, exponentially increasing the number of video sources available for live production. 

vMix has directly integrated NewTek NDI into every edition for the vMix 17 release. This will allow vMix users to send and receive NDI video sources to any compatible software or hardware over the network and open up a world of opportunities. 

This leading standard for live production IP is bi-directional and backwards compatible with a large number of products from top manufacturers already utilizing NewTek’s open technology allowing IP connectivity. Customers using vMix 17 will be able to incorporate products from the NewTek Developer Network in their IP workflow, which is the industry’s largest ecosystem of IP-enabled solutions using the same standard.

“For so long we’ve been able to share printers and files over a network, thanks to NDI now we’re able to share live video sources just as easily! We are very excited about the future of live video and what NDI has to offer in advancing software defined production.” Said vMix COO Tim Vandenberg. “Being able to integrate low latency and high quality camera sources and devices over the network is a complete game changer for the industry.”

“We are confident that true IP workflows will revolutionize video production,” said Michael Kornet, executive vice president of Business Development for NewTek. “The fact that vMix is enthusiastically embracing NDI, is a strong reinforcement of that. vMix 17 with NewTek NDI creates a lot of momentum and will help make this the most widely adopted IP standard on the market that’s working and in the hands of customers today.” 

NDI is now available as a royalty free software developer kit (SDK) for any company looking to establish IP workflows within their organization, or in production tools and systems they manufacture.

For more information on NDI, visit ndi.newtek.com.

For more information about vMix and NDI, visit vMix.com/NDI

A screenshot graphic showcasing the vMix interface with two NDI sources, one from a gaming laptop and the other from another PC running vMix can be found below:

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