vMix 23 January 2023

Vertically integrate your live productions with vMix 26!

It feels like the broadcast world has changed more in the last five years than it has in the previous fifty! vMix continues to move with the times by adding extensive SRT updates to it's already industry-leading remote production feature set.

With more productions contuining to go remote, vMix 26 adds a wide variety of updates to help assist with modern day broadcasts. New functionality includes replay support for SRT and also the ability to have multi track audio via SRT.

New input effects will transform productions with ease. Available from the input settings, these new effects will include Gaussian Blur and LUT support on launch. Blur effect will allow you to blur the entire input or even just a portion of it! For those LUTs nuts out there, you'll now be able to apply your favourite PNG or CUBE LUT effects with the click of a button.  

If you're looking for more vertical integration for your productions, look no further than vMix 26's new vertical video features! A new Vertical HD preset will allow you to create HD widescreen and vertical streams for the same production. Stream out to TikTok vertically AND YouTube horizontally if you like! You can even make use of the new vertical recording options to create longform vertical content or real-time clip records for YouTube Shorts.

The addition of more Mix Inputs in vMix 26 makes it a Mix Effect machine! Long gone are the days of being restricted by 4 ME hardware switchers! With vMix 26, you can create sub mixes for days!

"Something for everyone is a great way to describe vMix 26" said vMix Senior Systems Engineer, Heath “Pumpkin” Barker."Not only is it the largest vMix release number yet, it provides great functionality for those doing remote and vertical productions, which are the future of live video as we know it!"


This release also has a number a productivity updates including-


  •     Stream Delay
  •     The Preview Input
  •     Chromium Version 103
  •     PTZ support for Insta360 Link with MF (Media Foundation) driver
  •     Added support for 1440p productions and replay
  •     4320p support
  •     NDI 5.5

    + much more!


vMix 26 is available now from www.vmix.com. A free, fully-functional 60 day trial of vMix PRO is available to check out all of the new vMix 26 features.

For more information about vMix 26, see our blog- https://blog.vmix.com/vmix-26-is-now-available